Prepare these questions for your tour guide in Uganda

I guess you really know the importance of asking questions. People ask not because they are stupid but because they want to know and understand very well the subject matter. In tourism, you have to ask to understand very well. Imagine you are moving to Uganda, a country you know little about.

How do you think you are going to know the deep insights about this safari destination? One of the ways of doing that is by asking, you should be in position to ask your guide as many questions as possible to make you understand Uganda very well.  I kindly ask you to always stay within the guidelines; don’t ask questions that shall make the guide uncomfortable. Ask questions which are safari related or questions that you feel shall give you a better understanding of Uganda.

If you have already booked your safari with a tour operator and you are ready to come to Uganda, prepare these few questions for your guide.

Ask about the history of tourist attractions.

Every local name has its own meaning, make sure you ask about the meaning of a particular local name and this case the meaning of the national park name. let’s say you have planning to visit, Serengeti national park, ask them about the meaning of the word Serengeti and why was it the best name of name the park. Remember an itinerary has got several attractions and national park names, make sure you read your itinerary. In fact you should have a copy of your itinerary and read very carefully to understand it better because you have to ask after you have understood what you are talking about.

Think of a great question about your expectations.

In an itinerary, they would tell you that you are going to see predator chasing a prey. All they shall tell you is that you shall go to the national park and do a game drive. They could decide to tell you in case they are sure that you shall witness the experience however most of the experiences are unpredictable and are experienced by luck. For the case of the guide, they must have been to all the parks included in your itinerary countless times and depending on the guide’s experience; he shall be in position to tell you possible expectations.

Know the reasons as to why you might miss some activities.

Is it possible that some activities can be missed however it is normally rare for such an event to happen; if they happen, it should have explanations? However since you are asking the guide about questions; you can bring it on. Ask if there has ever been a scenario where a tourist missed out on some activities and what was the reason for their missing

Think of a question in relation to photos.

The journey is incomplete these days without taking photos as souvenirs. We take photos to always remember such moments. Since it is a sure deal that you shall be taking photos during your trip, it is always a wise idea to ask questions related to photos. Ask about the range between you and several animals that is acceptable for taking photos. And for whatever answer you get, make sure you adhere to it. Don’t ask and forget about the response-practice the response. If they say that the range is supposed to be 10 meters, always make sure you are within the 10 meter range for you to take the photos.

Don’t forget the accommodation.

For the accommodation, you should ask about the food which they serve, they time they serve dinner and what to expect for breakfast. Ask about the surroundings and the simple walking opportunities around the hotel if they are available.  There are so many questions you can post but I guess these simple ones can give you a start. Book your safari with the best tour guides in Uganda with Rwanda day tours.

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