Identifying if a service is included or excluded on a tour in Rwanda

When you pay for a safari tour, it doesn’t mean that the safari price covers all your expenses-there are certain items that shall be included and excluded in a safari itinerary price.

Though most of the items are fully catered for-that is accommodation, transportation, national park fees, and others; a lot of other items are excluded. Knowing which item is excluded and included shall enable you to plan effectively for a successful tour.  Below are some of the tips to consider when determining where an item belongs-excluded or included:

Carefully read your itinerary.

Most of the itineraries by tour operators always put it clear which items are expected to be included and excluded on you tour. The only problem is that this part of the itinerary is always located at the end and some tourists miss to read such information-as long as they read how their journey shall be from point A to point Z, they forget to read about the important part that defines which items shall be included and excluded on the tour. Whenever you read an itinerary, make sure you read every single word on that page, don’t leave any word unread.

Put it forward to the travel company.

Some tour operators actually forget to put this information forward to their clients, such an important piece of information can miss in an itinerary. Although you may assume that tourists know this, not everyone actually knows about item inclusion and exclusion. Even for those that know, you must keep on reminding them.

In case, you don’t see that valuable information in your itinerary, it is better to ask the tour operator such that you stay on the same page.  One thing that you should know about tourism is that everything can be personalized-I have seen tourists who only want to pay for certain items and they want their tours to be billed according to their demands.

For example, much as accommodation looks like a standard item which must be included on every itinerary, some tourists for unknown reasons may negotiate with the tour operator such that they exclude the accommodation on the list of items to pay for. In essence, you can always do any kind of flexibility to your itinerary for your own reasons as long as your satisfaction shall be served.

If you are not sure, ask before you even consume any service.

When you move into the hotel, don’t just start consuming every service thinking that is been included on your tour price, take some time to ask the waiters whether such items are part of the tour operator’s responsibility to pay for- when you ask for something, the waiters can’t deny to give it to you but you have to be sure about who is responsible for paying the bill. Pick a tour company that shall give you the best safari in Rwanda, book your safari with Rwanda day tours. We have the best team of reservation managers to help you book the best tours.

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