Fruitful learning experiences during a cultural tour in Rwanda.

Whenever tourists finish their journeys, I have been privileged to ask them how the journey was and whether their expectations were meant and if there is something new to learn from the journey. Expectations being meant are completely different from learning something from the trip. You might have had an expectation of just taking photos when you see a lion, and if you did that, it means you expectations were meant however when we talk about experiences, we mean what did you learn from viewing the lion. After several feedback from tourist, this is what they said about their lessons from cultural safaris in Rwanda.

Sometimes being different is good.

Sometimes we are blinded by the fact the world is now a global village. We are much connected like never before. Different technologies have issued that we shall stay connected for the rest of our lives. For example, using internet, you can literate do and connect to anyone around the world. Much as that is exciting news, we still have several differences among us which are as a result of our environments and the culture we grew up knowing.

When you visit different cultural villages in Rwanda, you shall notice that there is a wide difference in a way people do things compared to the way you are used to. This brings confused to who is right and who is wrong but at the end of the day, instead of criticizing one another-you learn to appreciate the differences. We were meant to be different. Even on this planet earth no-one shall ever be like you even if a trillion years pass by. This is the beauty of life-uniqueness.

You shall learn the problems of others.

Sometimes, it’s not about the culture rather it’s about being ignorant about certain aspects of life. When you travel to the cultural villages, sometimes you shall see things and down deep inside your mind you know it is a problem not a cultural norm.

People still face several problems as a result of ignorance. Ignorance is what needs to be wiped out this world to have a better universe. Sincerely, an ignorant person can or do something and you wonder what type of human he is and whether such people still exist.

Respect is the key to everything.

It does not matter whether you are rich or poor, but respect is a fundamental human right. Everyone deserves respect. There are several things that the person you are disrespecting probably knows that you have no idea about. When you go to the cultural villages in Rwanda, there are so many things that you shall witness that you can even do but others can.

When you learn about their survival techniques, you are always blown away by the fact that you can’t survive in such environments. At the end of the day, there is always respect for one another.

Nature is wonderful.

Most of the cultural villages depend on nature as their source of food, shelter, medicine and others. Mother Nature always provides for its people. When you visit the cultural villages, you shall appreciate nature by reckoning its importance on the survival of many that live in such communities. Of course, there are others lessons to learn but I have highlighted quite a few. Enjoy a cultural tour in Rwanda with Rwanda day tours.

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