1 day Uganda safari

The 1 day Uganda safari will give you the opportunity to witness many wildlife species in Lake Mburo National Park.

Lake Mburo National park is the nearest National Park from Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. You will have the perfect opportunity to visit the park and later return in the evening. It usually requires approximately 4 and half hours to drive to Lake Mburo National Park.

This 1 day tour is convenient for tourists who are already in Kampala or Entebbe. If you are around cities and you have the desire to witness some wildlife species, this will be the perfect opportunity for you. The day tour is also great for a weekend getaway.

Uganda day tour.

Before the start of the tour, you will need to inform us about your pickup point such that we pick you up from there. The tour can be booked the day before the start of the tour. All you need is to inquire from us and we shall organize the trip for you.

Early in the morning, our tour guide will visit your pick up point in Kampala at around 5:30am such that you are picked and driven to Lake Mburo National park. Along the way to Lake Mburo, you will stop at the Kayabwe to observe the Equator and Later, you will continue your journey to Lake Mburo.

The drive to lake Mburo is adventurous, there are many sightseeing opportunities that you will enjoy along the way. The western side of Uganda is covered with beautiful sceneries, there are rolling hills. And since it is the morning hours, you will see the local people starting their daily activities.

Upon arrival in Lake Mburo, you will check in the park and start the game viewing experience. There are many wildlife species to expect in Lake Mburo and these include bushbuck, reedbuck, waterbuckbuffaloes, hyena, jackal, leopard, Topi, impalas, zebra, lions, warthog, and many more. After the game viewing experience, you will have packed lunch and later go for the boat cruise along Lake Mburo.

During the boat cruise, you will have the opportunity to spot various water animals such as hippopotamus. Birds are seen chanting along the shores of the lake. In the evening, you will be driven back to Kampala which will mark the end of this 1 day Uganda safari experience.

There are many destination around Uganda which are ideal for day tours such as Ngamba Island, Mabamba swam and others. If you want to visit other locations for your one day experience, you will contact us and we will adjust this tour to accommodate your travel plans.


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The best time to visit Uganda depends on your interests, preferences, and the experiences you’re seeking. Uganda’s climate is generally equatorial, with variations in weather patterns throughout the year. Here’s a breakdown of the best times to visit based on different factors:

  1. Dry Seasons (December to February and June to September): The dry seasons are considered the best times to visit Uganda for most travelers. During these months, the weather is generally drier and more predictable, making it easier to explore the country’s natural attractions and engage in various activities. Wildlife viewing in national parks is particularly rewarding during the dry seasons, as animals gather around water sources, making them more visible. This is also a great time for gorilla trekking and other outdoor adventures.
  2. Gorilla Trekking: Gorilla trekking in Uganda is a highlight for many visitors. The dry seasons, especially from June to September and December to February, are ideal for gorilla trekking due to the more favorable weather and clearer hiking trails. However, permits for gorilla trekking can be in high demand during these months, so it’s important to book well in advance.
  3. Birdwatching: Uganda is a paradise for bird enthusiasts, with over 1,000 bird species. The wetter months of March to May and October to November are excellent for birdwatching, as many migratory species are present, and the landscape is lush and vibrant. Birding is particularly rewarding in rainforests, wetlands, and national parks during these times.
  4. Hiking and Trekking: Uganda offers numerous hiking and trekking opportunities, including trails in national parks, mountains, and forests. The dry seasons are preferable for hiking and trekking due to the more comfortable weather conditions and less muddy trails.
  5. White-Water Rafting: For adventure seekers, the dry seasons are the best time to enjoy white-water rafting on the Nile River, particularly from June to September and December to February. The water levels are generally suitable for thrilling rafting experiences.
  6. Cultural Experiences: Cultural interactions and visits to local communities can be enjoyed year-round. However, during traditional festivals and events, such as the Imbalu circumcision ceremony among the Bagisu people, you can gain deeper insights into Uganda’s diverse cultures.
  7. Consideration for Wet Seasons: While the wet seasons have advantages like lush landscapes and fewer crowds, some roads and trails might become impassable due to heavy rainfall. It’s important to consider road conditions and accessibility if you plan to travel during the wetter months.

The best time to visit Uganda depends on your interests and the experiences you want to have. The dry seasons are generally preferred for activities like wildlife viewing, gorilla trekking, and outdoor adventures. However, Uganda’s natural beauty and cultural diversity can be enjoyed year-round, so consider your priorities and plan accordingly.


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